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The Excel Center

The Excel Center® is operated by Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc., a not-for-profit organization formed by Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana.

The Excel Center addresses needs outside the classroom, provides free drop-in child care centers, offers free transportation assistance, and gives students the ability to balance school and work schedules. The Excel Center allows students to learn at their own pace and complete their educational requirements throughout the year. 

At all of our locations,  students develop supportive relationships with staff and classmates to encourage progress and academic engagement. Students often work in teams that meet weekly to offer support, talk about the challenges of balancing school and life circumstances, and celebrate achievements and milestones.

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Our Mission

We change lives every day by empowering people to increase their independence and reach their potential through education, health and employment.


Our Values

Goodwill identifies gaps, evaluates opportunities and risks, and creates solutions that significantly advance our mission.

The Value of the Individual
Goodwill demonstrates respect for the dignity, worth and uniqueness of all people.

People grow and build confidence when they learn and apply knowledge.

People can reach their greatest potential through employment.

Goodwill believes in every person’s ability to define, work toward and achieve greater independence.

Lasting Impact
Goodwill values solutions that result in long-term, social impact that affects multiple generations.


The Excel Center is operated by Goodwill Education Initiatives, the not-for-profit created by Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana. The Excel Center opened in 2010 with one site in Indianapolis. Since its humble beginnings, The Excel Center has experienced incredible success, with measurable impact in the community, operating 15 sites in Indiana in addition to South Bend and Hammond. In 2013, The Excel Center expanded nationally and is now located in Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas and Washington D.C.

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