The Excel Center

The Excel Center on Indianapolis’ West Side

11265233_440746829418641_4199567520167915381_nThe Excel Center West is located at 6000 W 34th St, Indianapolis, IN 46224.

The Excel Center is dedicated to adults working towards a Core 40 high school diploma, industry-recognized certifications and/or college credit. As a public school for adults, The Excel Center provides:

  • Free tuition
  • Free child care in the drop-in center
  • Free transportation
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Personal attention and support

Graduating with free college credits places you on a path for success in higher education. In addition, you can also earn an industry-recognized certification in fields such as Pharmacy Tech, Certified Medical Assistant, Early Childhood Education, Logistics and more.

The Excel Center is an adult high school providing coursework toward earning a high school diploma and professional certifications.  As a public school for adults, The Excel Center is tuition-free and accepts students of all economic and educational backgrounds. If you have a GED, you may still enroll at The Excel Center to earn a high school

To contact this location, please call (317) 524-4005.


Success Stories

Daniel Gets Back on Track at The Excel Center

Daniel Higuita was on track to graduate from high school in 2012, but was forced to put his education on hold when he was required to return home to his native country of Colombia to renew his visa. Upon returning to the US, he was unable to re-enroll at his former school. He heard about The Excel Center-West, will graduate this year, and plans to go to college.