How to Enroll to The Excel Center

Enrollment is open to any Indiana resident who does not have a high school diploma. Individuals who have a GED may still enroll to earn a Core 40 high school diploma. Submitting your application is an easy process. Our enrollment process for campuses is designed to help us develop your plan of study and discover your skill level.

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Apply by following the link below:
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Our staff will contact you. Please call if you don’t hear from us.
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If you have high school credits, please contact that high school to obtain a copy of your transcripts.

Call 317-524-3925 (toll free) if you need assistance.


All students are required to attend new student orientation, where they are introduced to the culture of the school through team-building activities and self-reflection. Students leave orientation knowing how close they are to graduating, their class schedule and their life coach.

Adult High School Student Testimonial
Adult High School Students and Children

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