Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Excel Center?
The Excel Center is a free high school for adults and older youth who have not received an Indiana Core 40 diploma.
Is The Excel Center accredited?
Yes, all of our Marion County schools are authorized by the Mayor of Indianapolis. Schools outside Indianapolis operate under charters granted by the Indiana Charter Schools Board.
When does The Excel Center start?

The Excel Center runs year-round in five, eight-week terms. To view or academic calendar, click here.

Does The Excel Center offer a GED or HSE?
No. The Excel Center offers an Indiana Core 40 high school diploma.
What is an Indiana Core 40 diploma?

The Core 40 is a high school diploma whose graduation requirements have been set by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). For more information on graduation requirements, please click here.

How much does The Excel Center cost?
The Excel Center is free. There is no cost to attend.
How much does it cost to take certification or college credit courses?
College credit and certification courses are offered to The Excel Center students free of charge, as part of our graduation pathways.
How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?
The time it takes to graduate varies by every student and greatly depends on the number of high school credits a student has upon enrollment, class placement and the amount of classes students are able to complete per term. Our classes are accelerated, and courses are often bundled.
When is graduation?
While you may finish at any time throughout the year, The Excel Center holds two formal ceremonies to celebrate graduation – one in winter and one in the spring.
Is The Excel Center an online school?

No. The Excel Center classes are taught in-person at each of our campus locations. However, some locations may offer select certification and other courses through distance learning or with local college professors.

Does The Excel Center offer English as a second language (ESL) classes?
As a high school for adults, all students must be working toward gaining a high school diploma to attend. For English language learners, we develop an Individual Learning Plan, based on the Home Language Survey and WIDA Assessment, designed to help reach proficiency in the English language.
Will my past credits from high school transfer?
If you have successfully completed high school courses at another school, you may be able to transfer your credits to The Excel Center. Coaches and registrars will review your transcripts and let you know how many apply toward your diploma from The Excel Center.
Can I attend The Excel Center if I was expelled from my previous school?
In many cases, yes. The Excel Center works with students from a variety of backgrounds and can assist with circumstances that may present a barrier to your education.
Can I attend The Excel Center if I have a certificate of completion or GED?
Yes. If you previously earned a Certificate of Completion or GED/HSE, you may enroll at The Excel Center to earn your high school diploma.
Can I take certification or college classes at The Excel Center if I already have my high school diploma?
No. To take classes at The Excel Center, you must be enrolled as a student at one of our campuses.
How do I enroll?
Enrollment is easy! You may enroll anytime through our online enrollment form. You may also call or stop by Monday – Friday during normal operating hours and enroll with an Excel Center staff member. Click here for location contact information.