Denise Floyd enrolled at The Excel Center when she was nearly 30 years old. She had previously left high school after falling behind in her classes. Denise supported her family working various odd jobs, but she wanted a career.

“I realized that without my high school diploma, the chances of me getting into college and having a career would be slim to none,” Denise said.

Despite taking the GED test several times, Denise lacked the academic support and guidance she needed to pass. She recalls running into people she knew, who often had their bachelor’s master’s degree, and pretending that she was studying at a local university.

“I felt stuck,” Denise said. “I wanted a career I could be proud of to set a good example for my children.”

In April 2014, Denise took the first step by enrolling at The Excel Center, where she learned the value of a quality education.

“The first day I walked into The Excel Center, I knew that I was in the right place,” Denise said. “I always tell people: this is the school you need to go to if you do not have your high school diploma. Not only can you earn your diploma for free, but you can also work toward free job certifications that will help you start off your career.”

At The Excel Center, Denise earned her Certified Medical Assistant certification, and one month after graduating, she landed a job at Eskenazi Health Hospital at a rate of $14/hour. After several pay increases, she now earns $16/hour.

Denise is currently taking steps to become a Registered Nurse and is still excited to encourage others to earn a diploma.

“I believe The Excel Center helped pave the way for my career path,” Denise said. “They recognized that I have a passion for helping people, being a support system and I have leadership qualities.”